🔷WunderTrading Setup

Our friends at WunderTrading provide the amazing capability to automate trade execution upon signals directly from our algorithms. This means any specific strategy devised from StoneKeep algorithms can be implemented and tested with ease through WunderTrading's capabilities. Follow along in this guide to find out how!

Create Account & Claim Discount

  • Sign up for WunderTrading .

  • Login to WunderTrading .

  • Discount Code Stonekeep20

General Setup

  • Once on this page click 'Create Bot'

  • Select 'TradingView Bot' and hit 'Create'

  • Select 'Alert'

  • Select desired script & alert condition (refer to ALERTS Market Segment Shifts)

  • Under 'message' for the TradingView alert copy and paste the command specified by WunderTrading for the designated execution which you'd like to occur upon selected signal.

Webhook Setup

  • Click the 'Notifications' tab

  • Check the box labeled 'Webhook URL'

  • If necessary, enable 2FA on your TradingView account in order to complete this action.

  • Copy and paste webhook from WunderTrading into TradingView

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