📊Historical Stop Levels


Our Historical Stop Levels script is one of our most powerful yet. Unlike most basic support or resistance indicators, we aren't simply tracking pivot points. By identifying market making activity while tracking and storing levels which occurred at these areas, the user then has instant access to roughly 300-400 different levels which price is likely to react to. These levels automatically start plotting on the chart when price approaches them. The reason it's called 'Historical Stop Levels' is because the specific market making activity that's being identified is stop hunts , also known as liquidity grabs.

Intended Use:

  • Levels are detected best in overall volatile markets.

  • For best use, only apply to Futures, Cryptos, Stocks.

  • On some timeframes above 1hr, loading may time out and an error will result.


  • No matter what timeframe you are on, levels are pulled from 15m, 30m, 1hr, 4hr, 1D.

  • There are three different colors depicted on the plotted levels, the differentiation represents a different type of market making activity which occurred at the detection point of the level.

  • No single colored level holds more weight or baring then another color, nor are the differentiations key to know as a user as they are proprietary and highly technical, think of the colors as only standing for visual effect.


  • The ways to use these levels are not limited to one.

  • When used in combination with our other algorithms, trade structuring becomes much easier and clearer.


Gain insight into where price can:

  • Head towards

  • Retrace to

  • Sweep a level

  • Clear a range

  • Range at

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