📊Multi-TF Segment Shifts

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This script uses the same analysis ran in the 'Market Segment Shifts' algorithm to pull the segment of each of the six specified time-frames for the Period 1 & 2 analysis. The output is the Multi-TF Analysis table with one side being for Period 1 Analysis and the other for Period 2 Analysis with the various time-frames running down the middle. Each cell with color coincides to a specific time-frame on either the Period 1 or 2 analysis. Each of the four colors coincides to a classified segment of the market. See below for the color key.

Color Key:

  • orange=bullish outlook

  • green=bullish

  • purple=bearish outlook

  • red=bearish

  • If both bullish and bearish columns for either the Period 1 or 2 have no color this means no segment was detected. (Ex. Daily short term columns 3 & 4 both have no color)

Column Key:

  1. Period 1 Bullish Segments

  2. Period 1 Bearish Segments

  3. Period 2 Bearish Segments

  4. Period 2 Bullish Segments


By being able to see a wide range of timeframes with their implied directional bias, a more complete picture of the market is given. If trading mainly on a single timeframe, one does not need to worry about missing key shifts which may be occurring on other timeframes, one only needs to observe this table as the colors for each time-frame and length period will shift along with the market. The basic aim is that traders can identify a clean shift throughout timeframes generally starting on the low end and developing to a higher timeframe. Other more intricate strategic insights will be further discussed in the guide videos.

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